Friday, 2 September 2011

You're Some Hero, Andy Capp*

When I was young, growing up in Hartlepool, I thought Andy Capp was just a comic strip in the local paper. I now know different but still, I'm often surprised by how popular the character is in other countries. For example, it's strange to see Andy Capp being (mis-?) used  as a mascot-hero by football Ultras. Here's an article from The Hartlepool Mail from 2009 about a group of FC Nurnberg Ultras who made a pilgrimage to the Andy Capp statue in the town;

Christian said: "We landed in Birmingham and drove straight to Hartlepool in a hire car. We drove around in the town, and finally stopped in front of the statue. Bang – there he is! It was a great feeling."

Below are a few images from an Ultras internet forum.

(* the title of a 1969 collection)

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