Saturday, 10 September 2011

Invisible Orders

I'm working on a new comic, a two page Klaus comic that may be published in an anthology in November. It's based on the idea, possibly a Talmudic idea, that if a person meets their double, or doppelganger, then they are not meeting with an evil portent but with God. It's also based on the quote below, which is John Berger, from a short essay based around the photographer Pentti Sammallahti;

"We live our daily lives in a constant exchange with a set of daily appearances surrounding us - often they are familiar, sometimes they are unexpected and new, but always they confirm us in our lives ... Yet it can happen, suddenly, unexpectedly, and most frequently in the half-light-of-glimpses, that we catch sight of another visible order which intersects with ours and has nothing to do with it ... We come upon a part of the visible which wasn't destined for us".

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